What is HERO?

Richly-flavoured, hand-crafted, super-slow-cooked broths made with high welfare meat from small local farms.

Just add noodles/pasta and anything else you like to make a bowl of deliciousness.

Meet the crew


The OG. If it was us we’d just add some noodles, diced chicken and some veg and make the greatest chicken noodle soup ever tasted.


Using the chicken broth as a base, we add a special mix of soy, mirin, ginger and other amazing things to make the best home ramen you’ll try.


This cheeky little number spices it up a notch. Add anything you like to make a deeply-rich and tingling broth in just minutes.


Vegan-friendly, but doesn’t skimp on flavour, with tonnes of garlic cooked slowly and then added to the perfect mix of herbs and ginger.


Simmered for 24 hours to get every ounce of flavour out. It’s super rich and deeply-satisfying. Just add veg for a hearty broth.

The mission

Sometimes, the broth is the most important part of the meal…

We found that when you want a rich brothy soup, or ramen, or just a bowl of something warming to slurp, you generally have three options.

  • Spend 24 hours lovingly tending to a slow-simmering broth
  • Buy an over-salted tin made from questionable meat
  • Make a quick version, generally watery and flavourless.

Enter HERO. We source high-welfare meat from small farms, and veg only from producers who fit our strict criteria around how they treat people and the environment. We then cook it super slowly and lovingly, so you can simply warm it through and get it in a bowl.

How to get HERO?

Right now, HERO makes only tiny batches as we prepare a full launch.

Fill in your details to get hold of some, and to be the first to know when we launch crowdfunding.